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Fire Station #13

The 2015 American Public Works Association (APWA) award winners were recognized during the Awards Ceremony at APWA’s International Public Works Congress & Exposition, at the Phoenix Convention Center in Arizona. The APWA Public Works Projects of the Year awards are presented annually and in 2015, APWA selected projects in six categories: Disaster or Emergency Construction/Repair, Environment, Historical Restoration/Preservation, Structures, Transportation and Small Cities/Rural Communities (which has 5 categories of Disaster/Emergency, Environment, Historical Restoration/Preservation, Structures and Transportation).

Built to be very modern and efficient, Fire Station #13 employs many state-of-the-art systems to maximize its effectiveness. It utilizes solar power, geothermal heating and cooling systems, and a site layout that maximizes passive lighting. The station is incredibly cost-effective to operate.

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